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  • Cash Credit’s intelligent scoring methodology utilizes multiple data sources to ensure credit scoring is accurate, fast and consistent
  • Our proprietary technology automatically validates, segments, scores and decides whether an individual is creditworthy to access a financial product
  • We employ a number of machine learning algorithms to create a self-learning system, which means that the model is able to improve its predictability in real time based on transaction outcomes
  • When working with MNO partners, Cash Credit is able to pre-score each and every subscriber, enabling us to target the right subscribers for marketing purposes



Partnerships are at the core of Cash Credit’s business model

  • We have a track record of collaborating with organizations with established distribution networks and access to large base of customers that can benefit from our financial products
  • Our preferred partners are companies that manage extensive customer behavioral data, such as mobile operators, fixed internet service providers, utility companies, e-commerce platforms, retailers, payment platforms and others
  • The business model allows our partners to profit from Fintech without taking on the operation or the risk of a financial business
  • Cash Credit benefits through reduced time to market and by using partner data for its scoring methodology

Success story PLDT Group

  • PLDT Group, through its Mobile Operator SMART and its digital business subsidiary Voyager, formed an agreement with Cash Credit to launch joint Fintech services in the Philippines
  • Cash Credit brought in the know-how and the operation of the Fintech business
  • SMART brought in the local market knowledge, its extensive channel and partner network, and subscriber mobile data, essential for Cash Credit’s unique scoring methodology
  • The service was launched in July 2016 under the brand name Pera Agad, which means Money Now in Tagalog
  • The launch was a huge success and the thousands of Philippinos have already been able to benefit from fast and competitive Pera Agad loans, which bring a transparent and modern product to a market traditionally dominated by informal and grey lenders By combining our assets with Cash Credit’s Fintech technology and operational expertise, we have been able to achieve great results in a very short timeframe which it would have taken years to build on our own. Lito Vilanueva, CEO Voyager (Quote pending approval)


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