Cash Credit – first in the world to offer a credit via Viber

14 АПРИЛ 2017

Fintech credit company Cash Credit became the first in the world to grant a credit via Viber. To achieve even better service and rapid response to the needs of its clients Cash Credit has established a revolutionary service channel in partnership with Viber, one of the most popular mobile chat applications. The new service is available through communication with a chat bot that is programmed to deliver general information, to process credit applications, to grant credits and to discuss various subjects with the customers.

“We are extremely proud to be able once again to respond to the challenges and the high demand of online financial services – online communication via mobile apps is the future of all services and we are happy we’re first in this collaboration with Viber”, George Krumov, Cash Credit founder and Executive Chairman, stated.

Viber is one of the most popular and fast-growing means of online communication in the world. The application has 800 million registered users as of December 2016 and its fan base continues to grow. It is popular for its easy and quick functions as well as for its high level of security, assured by encrypted chat services. Cash Credit and Viber’s partnership is a logical step towards innovation and constant progress – two things that both companies value deeply.

Cash Credit is the fintech company that offers the fastest credit approval on the Bulgarian market – within 6 minutes – and is constantly on the track of making its services faster and more effective. Chat bot communication that Cash Credit’s partnership with Viber provides is quick and fun and leaves the application process of filling blanks in the past. Applying for a credit is easy – the chat bot identifies the customer, navigates him through a series of simple steps and after that sends his application for approval. The response comes within 6 minutes and the sum can be transferred to the client’s bank account immediately after approval.


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