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About Cash Credit

Cash Credit is a tech-based non-banking financial institution founded in 2011 in Bulgaria, which works in partnership with mobile network operators to offer micro financial services to mobile subscribers. The company uses an innovative, proprietary credit scoring approach to offer consumers rapid credit decisions, with convenient service and billing through their partner operators. Cash Credit partners in Bulgaria with the country’s two largest mobile network operators.

MTEL, part of Telekom Austria Group, was Cash Credit’s first partner in Bulgaria. MTEL clients have access to micro-financing as a part of the mobile operator’s product portfolio.

The second company to become Cash Credit’s partner in this unique business model was GLOBUL.

Cash Credit is the first and currently the only company that operates in such integrated partnership, providing many benefits for clients and for mobile operators, because our service is quick, technological, and secure, while being really convenient.

Cash Credit’s services in partnership with MTEL and GLOBUL are available in all MTEL, GLOBUL and GERMANOS stores. Mobile operator staff grant funds within a few minutes at the mobile operator’s stores.

The main difference in Cash Credit’s service is its innovative scoring, which allows more precise customer evaluation while remaining a completely automated process.

Cash Credit Platform

This platform allows easy access to the service for different partners which would like to offer micro-loans to their customers. Through developed strategic partnerships, Cash Credit provides benefits to partners and their customers.

Cash Credit operates without an agent network. It is fully replaced by an automated process of approval and granting, whereby the subjective moment and the risks existing upon contact with agents are completely eliminated.


Credit Cash started operation in 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company has grown very fast. In just over a year, Cash Credit reached a market share which traditional companies in the same industry took more than 3 years to reach.

In Bulgaria the company operates through three different channels:

  • Mobile Network Operators;
  • Online platform;
  • More than 30 own offices throughout Bulgaria.

Social responsibility

Cash Credit is a microcredit company with strict policies on social responsibility regarding its employees, partners, and its clients. That’s why Cash Credit strictly observes the conditions under which it provides loans:

  • Clients are not refinanced, as the company believes that this could lead to a vicious cycle of indebtedness
  • The company does not provide loans to individuals under 21 years old, since we believe a good financial culture and life experience are required in order for clients to be able to manage their personal finances
  • The company provides all applicants with full and transparent information about the conditions and parameters of loans prior to the actual contract. The company treats its clients equally and provides equal opportunity to all to apply and receive the desired amount in a timely manner
  • The company performs all required checks to prove the accuracy of data received
  • The company undertakes the necessary actions to confirm the identity of credit applicants
  • The Company handles all personal data of its customers responsibly
  • The Company provides all customers with the legal right to repay their loans partially or fully without additional financial burdens
  • The company requires no fees for the application and utilization of the credit
  • The company charges interest rates on the amount only for the period during which the customer has actually used the loan
  • The company notifies its clients in a timely manner through SMS about upcoming and delayed installments on all credits, or in the case of any legal changes in the general terms and conditions.

Our Values are:

  • Sustainability – In building partnerships and in building customer relations. We always attempt to maintain the highest quality of service, to be consistent in every action, and to build our clients’ trust that we will always maintain the same standards of service.
  • Trustworthiness and Transparency – We are honest and trustworthy both with our partners and our clients. We treat them equally and with transparency, to create assurance that we deliver all the information necessary to build mutual trust.
  • Social Responsibility – In keeping with our corporate values and professional beliefs, we work with a range of long-term and ongoing social projects, because we know that every business is responsible to continually improve the environment in which it operates. We translate these values in our everyday work, reflected in the special attention we pay to the conditions upon which we grant loans.
  • Visionary Attitude – We remain focused on the directions in which we can further develop and grow, to improve our model in order to best satisfy the needs of our clients, partners and investors. Visionary Attitude is our name for the strategic planning which identifies the current and future needs of our stakeholders and offers the best way to achieve them in a win-win manner.
  • Deliverabillity – We are purposeful in completing our promises, arrangements, and goals. Accomplishing and delivering our targets, and creating the highest benefit for our clients, partners and investors is our priority.

Future projects

The microcredit industry is one of the fastest and most dynamically growing industries worldwide.

The company has ambitious plans for the successful development of this platform and business model in other countries around the world. Cash Credit has the vision and the ambition to become an international company, which started and will be based in Bulgaria.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us on toll free number 0800 200 88 for the price of a local call, or email at office@cashcredit.bg.